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Clean Water


Polluted water in the Dominican Republic has been a leading cause of disease among its inhabitants, especially in marginalized communities. These waterborne illnesses include Hepatitis A, E. Coli, Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Diarrhea, Polio and Meningitis.




in the Dominican Republic do not have access to safe drinking water and are susceptible to waterborne illnesses.


Having access to clean water is a human right. We take it one step further by employing locals in the project to ensure socio-economic development and overall project sustainability.

Individual + Community Water Filters

This is the first step in clean water. The advanced purification systems we use protect families and communities from water-borne viruses, bacterias and parasites.

Community Wells

Improving access to clean water for communities allows for education, greater life expectancy and the potential to reduce poverty and put an entire community on the path towards a better future.

Water Filtration Plants

Constructing and implementing water filtration systems capable of producing 500 gallons per hour of potable and safe drinking water and employing locals creates project sustainability and economic growth.

In the Hands of the Locals

Impact LiFE will employ and train locals to maintain and sustain the water filtration plants. These plants will be used to provide a distribution of potable water to be sold to local shops for profit to be used to sustain the plants and pay employees. As locals will be employed and maintaining the systems, this will embed sustainability into the project and provide income generating opportunities.

Locals will be employed and maintaining the systems, which will embed sustainability into the project and provide income-generating opportunities.

Water Purification Process

Impact LiFE is dedicated to ensuring that the process used to purify the water in the communities we serve is done to the highest standards.

  1. Raw source water with chlorine injection
  2. Water pump
  3. Sediment filter
  4. Water softening
  5. UV irradiation
  6. Sediment filters
  7. De-chlorination
  8. Reverse osmosis system
  9. Clean water tank
  10. Ozone addition
  11. Four position bottle filling station