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These marginalized and unsupported communities see higher levels of poverty, disease and early mortality rates which can be linked to their access to clean water consumption.

These communities experience significant vulnerability to exploitation as a result of a lack of economic opportunities and education which has led to a rise in human trafficking.

Sanitation & Hygiene

Target communities do not have access to appropriate sanitation infrastructure and there is a lack of hygiene education. This contributes to high infant mortality rates in marginalized communities.


of the population does not have access to proper sanitation infrastructure.

The infant mortality rate is 28 in every 1000 live births as a result of poor sanitation and hygiene.

Human Trafficking

Human sex and labor trafficking is common in the Dominican Republic due to a large number of sex tourists who visit the country each year as well as a large populiation undocumented Haitian refugees.

Human trafficking generates roughly $9.5 billion dollars annually in the Dominican Republic. This issue stems from lack of education, severe poverty and the absence of economic opportunities.


of Haitian refugees have reported experiencing forced labor in the Dominican Republic.