Empowering Generations, One Village at a Time

Providing access to clean water, food and basic education.

Individual + Community Water Filters

This is the first step in clean water. The advanced purification systems we use protect families and communities from water-borne viruses, bacterias and parasites.


Community Wells

Providing clean water for communities allows for education, greater life expectancy and the potential to reduce poverty and put an entire community on the path toward a better future.


Water Filtration Plants

Providing clean water for communities allows for education, greater life expectancy and the potential to reduce poverty and put an entire community on the path toward a better future.


Impact Centers

Why stop with clean water? With the help of our staff, volunteers and community members we construct multi-purpose facilities to provide food, education and a space for church services in each of the communities we serve.



Impact LiFE provides access to clean water, food and basic education while investing in local communities, thus empowering generations one village at a time.



Impact LiFE envisions an increase in equal access to sustainable water, food and nutrition in remote villages, thereby satisfying physical needs while simultaneously empowering individuals to have safe and successful futures by way of educational workshops in English, financial literacy and the importance of sanitation and hygiene. 

Have you ever wondered where your next meal will come from? If your drinking water is safe to give to your family? How your children are going to be able to receive an education to have a better future?

With scant access to clean water, food and education opportunities, the communities we serve are struggling to answer these questions on a daily basis in real-time. Communities stricken by poverty, hunger and malnutrition are fighting to meet these basic needs on less than a dollar a day. Who can you turn to when you’re thirsty and you have no water? Who do you ask for help when you skip meals to give your child your last piece of bread? When all hope seems to be gone, there are selfless individuals who rise up alongside their community to bring change and hope. Impact LiFE invests in local change-makers to empower their communities and cultivates their skills and purpose to effectively serve. By focusing on active community participation and leadership, we are hearing the needs of the population and strengthening the impact.

Meet the Alexanders

After a short mission trip to the Dominican Republic in 2014, Impact LiFE’s founder Deke Alexander saw firsthand the desperate needs of the community. These critical needs included water, food, basic education and, most significantly, a relationship and deep love of the Lord. A year later, in 2015, Deke’s wife Samantha took her own trip to the Caribbean Island and her heart was overwhelmed with the longing to ensure that these basic and crucial needs were met. These trips became pivotal turning points for the couple of 13 years to take a bold step of faith and leave their careers in banking to do ministry full-time.  The deep impact that these impoverished and suffering communities had on Deke and Samantha’s lives led to the inception of an organization that aims to fulfill basic needs while empowering community churches to quench spiritual thirst one village at a time.



We wholeheartedly believe in the power of prayer and ask that you lift us up to the Lord for needs to be fulfilled and lives to be changed.



The average family we serve struggles to stretch a dollar a day to meet basic needs. By simply donating  the change in your car, we move one step closer to empowering communities and providing the basics we often take for granted.



Join the Impact LiFE team on an unforgettable trip to witness the beautiful history and culture of the Dominican Republic and serve alongside our staff and locals who have dedicated their lives to serve others in the local community.



The Dominican Republic has been named the most visited destination in the Caribbean and it’s not difficult to see why. There’s a seemingly endless spread of white-sandy beaches and palm trees that attract thousands of tourists each year to a similarly limitless range of holiday resorts. While these resort towns cater to the wants of tourists, there are many villages in the Dominican Republic that are virtually unseen. These areas are heartbreaking – poor water quality for human consumption, insufficient or almost unacceptable food for simple nourishment, lack of rudimentary education and most unsettling, almost non-existent spiritual culture or guidance. Impact LiFE has made a positive mark on these unseen and hurting villages spanning from the beaches of Punta Cana to the rolling valleys of Constanza.