Alexander Family Support

The Alexander Family, founders of Impact LiFE, raises their own support through the kindhearted donations from people like you. Your generosity allows them to be able to provide for their own needs and focus full-time on sustaining the basic and spiritual needs of the communities we serve. Deke and Samantha along with their daughter Kennedy (9) and their son Cash (4) have taken a bold step of faith to follow God’s calling to the mission field and are immensely grateful for the outpouring of support they have received both financially and in prayer. On behalf of the Alexanders, thank you very much for being an integral part in engaging, educating and empowering generations one village at a time.

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In addition to electronic giving, donations can be made via check made payable to Impact LiFE and mailed to PO Box 769, Aubrey, TX 76227.

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